The Wisada

Art meets function in this sculptural cushion set. A floor cushion with a twist, Wisada, utterly unique in its concept and aesthetic, encourages socializing in a traditional, yet contemporary environment. Wisada is a hybrid piece of furniture that exemplifies the difference between Eastern and Western transportation traditions.

Wisada encourages people to interact with each other through an interactive experience, and is the first product to introduce the bicycle seat inside the home for both men and women. It is in turn breaking cultural boundaries with its though-provoking concept.

Wisada is designed to fit an average size female and male waist. Its contouring allows it to take the ultimate body curve and allow for one to be completely comfortable. Wisada is an orthopedic cushion with layers of cushion and memory foam allowing for the seat to take the shape of the body for the temporary rest time and then going back to its normal shape afterwards. It is designed with a slight obtuse angle allowing for no pressure on the elbow or the rest of the arm during a “takyah” position.

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