The Sanctuary

‘The Sanctuary’ is a unique and inspirational design never-before-seen, creating a space that is practical and creative. It was born as a result of aiding situations in day-to-day lives; specifically developed to facilitate the pre-prayer routine. Males and females will not realize how much time and effort goes into finding storage solutions for pre-prayer until they meet ‘The Sanctuary’; everything in one place, all the time.

‘The Sanctuary’ is a storage structure to place all necessary items during prayer, whilst being usable on the go and conveniently portable. Islamic prayer takes place five times a day, be it at home, office, or mosque, which includes a timely routine that occurs before the praying begins. For example, men who wear the traditional clothing need to remove the Ghotra and find a place to hang it without it getting wrinkled, they then have to remove all items from their pockets and find a place to store them, finally finding the prayer rug and the Quran to start. This process is then reversed at the end of prayer to resume the daily routine. In summary, the main purpose of ‘The Sanctuary’ is to advance practicality and save time during prayer prep.

This innovative and distinctive object creates a personal space, a sanctuary, to meditate or pray, customizable to anyone’s needs in terms of finishes and accessories. Not only for prayer, this structure is also developed to progress yoga or Pilate’s routines or simply for day-to-day smart storage solutions in the home or office.

Each Sanctuary comes in a standard walnut wood finish; the metal finish can be either stainless steel, dipped 21K rose gold, or yellow gold; and the leather pouches come in: Tan, Camel, Aubergine, Black, and Chocolate Brown.

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