The Voice of AYA Collection

    The ‘Voice of AYA’ collection includes beautifully crafted furniture and home accessories that tell a story of two ancient nations, steeped in history, culture and knowledge; two nations that reflect my identity and soul.

    The essence of the collection is the importance and celebration of women and the unique way in which they expressed their identity through art and hand crafts. Inspired by the Saudi ‘Al Qatt’ women who paint their story in colourful and meaningful patterns on the internal walls of their home, as well as the Palestinian women who embroider intricate patterns with strong tones on their traditional dress, I created a hybrid pattern that connects these authentic traditions into one identity for todays global world. An identity that reflects who I am, expressed through colour, pattern, material and craftsmanship. The ‘Voice of Aya’ collection is my story, my voice.

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