The Y Collection

    Ayah Al Bitar, founder of AYA The Art of Living, is proud to unveil her latest collection, the Y Collection, at this year’s Saudi Design Week. From the 4th – 8th of October, AYA The Art of Living will present a range of products from the ‘Y Collection’ as well as a number of signature designs from the brand. The newest collection is inspired by the letter ‘Y’ from the brand name and originated from a notion of

    wanting to celebrate the brand logo and font. Ayah Al Bitar’s substantial 27sqm stand at this year’s design festival will be full of contemporary designs, representing and reflecting Ayah’s Islamic heritage as well as merging art and functionality.

    As an emerging designer with a rapidly expanding business, Ayah Al Bitar went through a rebranding journey to discover the font and logo that she now loves. Her desire after rebranding the design house was to create a collection based on the central ‘Y’. The ‘Y’ itself is the center of the logo and the brand; aesthetically the letter’s shape is organic and versatile giving the ability for Ayah to design numerous products. The collection started with the Y-Table – a contemporary take on a traditional C-Table. The letter had so much potential; Ayah went on to produce five other designs.

    The collection currently comprises six products, all of which include or derive from the shape ‘Y’. Bordeaux, mustard, salmon and emerald are the four colours for this season with the aesthetics replicating art deco styles and themes. Ayah’s continues her development of material exploration with a number of unique details on varying designs. Not only is this line inclusive of further colour, art deco gestures and simple aesthetics, the line is also made at a much more accessible price point whilst retaining the high quality of all AYA The Art of Living designs.

    The final collection is an elegant, simple and functional range of key pieces to have around the home. With the price point lower than normal AYA The Art of Living designs, this collection is ideal for gifting that fit within modern or classic interiors.

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