• ALEF Collection

      Giant Masbaha

      9,500 AED

      The Giant Masbaha is an Arabic symbol for togetherness during the holy month of Ramadan; an icon for our culture and heritage. The idea behind this piece is to allow for families and loved ones to set up a Ramadan environment intimately to recreate the joy of Ramadan. It is handcrafted with Solid Walnut and could be hung on any wall in your home. The Giant Masbaha holds the idea of a very luxurious and well crafted Ramadan decoration piece for the house.

    • The Y Collection

      Half Y-Table

      4,000 AED

      After having created the Y-Table, Ayah saw the gap in the market for tables suitable for floor seating, especially for the local Arab market. Perfectly aligned to be utilized with her Wisada, this table is a Y Table that is essentially ‘cut in half’ to sit closer to the ground with the same spacing solution.

    • The Y Collection

      Pebble Tray

      350 AED

      The pebble tray is designed inspired by the tabletops of each Y table, this shape is the negative space of two wisadas, Ayah’s classic design. The trays are sleek, lightweight and modern in design.

    • ALEF Collection

      Quran Stand

      1,850 AED

      The Quran Stand is the most meaningful gift that can be given to loved ones during the holy month. The innovative stand represents the idea of connecting communities whilst adding a modern touch in decorating individual’s homes.

      The stand itself has been immaculately designed from wood and plaited fabric cord, all inspired by the new branding and font related to AYA The Art of Living. Designed in line with Ayah Al Bitar’s core philosophy of functionality, this product has been produced to provide comfort when holding by hand and more convenience when placed on a flat surface. Ensuring full practicality for this new product, there is a hidden shelf that can be used to place glasses or phones in order to fully facilitate any pre-prayer processes. To add to Ayah’s genius design, the Quran Stand has been designed in line with The Sanctuary in order for the stand to be smartly placed over it.

    • The Y Collection

      Small TV Unit

      12,000 AED

      This small mobile piece of furniture is one of the standout pieces from the range. Merging all colours in one design, the TV unit has a smart mobility solution; the legs of the design utilize a special internal structure to give support with a slim aesthetic. The Y shape creates the handle as well as inspiring shapes of the design.

    • The Y Collection

      Trash Bins

      1,750 AED

      Filling another gap in the market, Ayah created a range of trash bins to ensure consumers in the region have a choice of beautifully designed trash bins. Again in four colours, this design is small, compact and combines various materials.

    • The Y Collection

      Y-Coat Hanger

      4,500 AED

      This distinctive design was created with the idea that no matter what culture, background or country many people need to hang garments or items around the home. The concept was to create a hanger that is incredibly slim but with strong stability at the base, through in-depth material experimentation the weighted base is created out of lightweight concrete. The slim neck of the hanger also includes a small tray for additional items such as keys, phones, wallets etc.

    • The Y Collection


      4,000 AED

      The Y Table was the first design in the collection, inspired by the traditional C-Table concept. Ayah’s take on the renowned C-Table design has more space and functionality, as well as utilizing sleek modern styling

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